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FAQ'S About Referencing

Status of my Reference Questions:
  1. How do I get an update on my references?
  2. I've submitted new documents, are they sufficient?
  3. What are the next step?
Right to Rent:
  1. What is Right to Rent
  2. I've received an email requesting clearer Right to Rent what does this mean?
Data Security:
  1. How will you keep my information safe?

Status of my Reference Questions

1. How do I get an update on my Reference?

Goodlord will reach out to you if there is any outstanding information needed to complete your reference. But if you would like an update on the progress of your reference, please contact your agent who can provide more details.
Your agent will inform you of the outcome of your reference and the next steps of the tenancy application once the report is ready.


2. I've submitted new documents, are they sufficient?

The documents Goodlord may request will fall into 3 categories:

  1. Income
  2. Residency
  3. ID (Right to Rent)

When confirming income we look to verify details regarding your employment, pension, or savings. When sending supporting documents to Goodlord please ensure the details are in an official or valid form. For example, bank statements to verify pension/savings need to highlight your name, bank and statement lines.
An excel or spreadsheet format would not be acceptable.   

When confirming your residency status, Goodlord looks to verify past and current addresses. If we’ve asked for documentation, it may be in the form of a mortgage statement (to confirm home ownership), or a tenancy agreement to confirm current contract end date.

Right to Rent sufficient ID is required when looking to rent a property. If we have contacted yourself regarding these details it is often for the following reasons: sufficient ID has not been supplied; we require the back and front of your ID; a visa is required.

3. What are the next step (2 weeks have gone by and I haven't heard anything?!)

If you haven’t heard anything in 2 weeks get in contact with your agency for an update. They’ll be able to inform you of the next steps in your tenancy.

Questions about to Right to Rent

1. What is right to rent?

As noted previously, right to rent legislation requires specific forms of ID be supplied when renting a property.

The quickest way to fulfill this section of criteria is to supply a passport, or national ID card (if from outside the UK, but still an EU national).  

If from outside the EU, a passport and permit card / visa is required to fulfill right to rent obligations.

A driver’s licence on its own does not meet current regulatory conditions.

Click here for a full description of Right to Rent


2. I've received an email requesting clearer Right to Rent, what does this mean?

Usually it's just that the image is blurry, the page is cut-off so the whole document can't be viewed, or there is something obstructing full visibility of the information, e.g. glare, a finger, etc.

Our Referencing team should have specified why they're requesting clearer Right to Rent information / documents, but if you're not sure, just ask! 


Data security

1. How will you keep my information safe?

We at Goodlord completely understand your concerns regarding the need to keep personal information secure, and user data protection is of utmost importance to us.

Goodlord maintains the highest level of data security, utilising bank grade protection to shield user data and payments.

Furthermore, Goodlord is PCI-1 compliant, requiring that we maintain specific industry standards for data protection. 

We have also contracted outside agencies to test the rigidity of our data protection, and Goodlord has successfully passed all security checks. 

Finally, with SSL 128-bit encryption, a security protocol that allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely between a server and a client, we have the ability to secure information supplied by tenants, guarantors, and agents. 

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